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Who Needs a Modular Home?

Building a home is not a simple undertaking. The decisions to be made when choosing what sort of home to build can be nerve-wracking. Sorting out financing options can be a nightmare. A home is probably the largest investment that many people will ever make, and making sure that its a sound investment that will continue to pay off both in financial terms and in practical terms makes the decisions associated with building a home even more arduous.

When there are so many decisions to make when building a home, why throw yet another option into the mix by considering modular homes? Who needs yet another decision to make?

A modular home is the perfect choice for almost anyone, but for many, it is the best choice. For those who are on a budget, who need a quality home that can be constructed quickly, or who just want a home that can be built without worrying about weather or vandalism concerns, then a modular home is the perfect choice.

If you are building your family's first home, then building a modular home is a great idea. Whether you are just now in a financial position to build a first home, or your family is growing and you need more space, a modular home can give you the home of your dreams without draining your finances. While most traditionally built homes can cost over $200 per square foot or more, a modular home, usually priced between $80-150 per square foot, can give you all the benefits of a traditional home - quality construction, appreciating value, designs which allow the home to be expanded or remodeled over time - for less money.

And, if you are building your first home with the intention of eventually moving up to a larger, or more customized home, then you will be even more interested in a modular home. A modular home, like a traditionally built home, will typically hold its value or appreciate in value over time, allowing you to build equity. A modular home can also be customized after the fact, just like a traditionally built home, allowing your home to grow with you if you decide to stay put.

If, on the other hand, you are a retiree or an empty-nester looking to build a home that is more suited to your current needs, then you, too, will find a modular home an attractive option. Whether you plan to build a smaller home, build a home that accommodates wheelchairs or impaired vision, or just want a new home in a new location, building a modular home will make the process much easier than building a traditionally built home, while giving you a home that is of a much higher quality than a mobile home.

Modular homes can be customized for universal design options, which allow those with disabilities to live comfortably. Modular homes can be built for less money than traditionally built homes, while still offering quality construction, perfect for those on fixed incomes. Perhaps even more importantly, modular homes, which are built in factory settings, are much more quickly constructed, off-site, allowing you to build a home without needing to worry with details that often crop up with traditional construction. Furthermore, if you wish to build in a planned development, such as a golf course or other recreational environment, you will often be able to find communities that not only allow but welcome modular home construction.

Maybe you already have your family home, but would like a second home for rest and relaxation. If so, a modular home is perfect for you.

Not only can you find modular home designs that are tailor-made for your second-home site, whether its a beach front site, a lake side lot, or a mountain setting, but the construction process will allow you to rest easy in your family home without a great deal of worry about what's going on at the construction site of your second home.

Modular homes' factory construction setting means that work is being done both at the home site and on the home itself simultaneously. While site prep is being done, the home is under construction, meaning that the house will be under roof much more quickly than a traditionally built home, which for you means fewer trips to the house site, and less time worrying about your investment when you cannot be there.

Modular homes are perfect for those just starting out, those who are retiring, or those who want a second home. In fact, modular homes are perfect for just about everyone! If you are considering building a home, consider a modular home.

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