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Online Video Gallery of Modular Homes

Enjoy these online videos about modular housing. The length of each video is included in their brief description. Please remember these videos contain general information. Each modular manufacturer and builder is different. For specific information about the building process and construction method you should contact a modular home manufacturer. You can find them listed in our modular home provider directory.

One Minute Modular Home
This time lapsed video shows the building site over the several weeks of site preparation work, modules delivered and assembled, garage built and landscaping all within about 1 minute. Great quick video for modular home construction.
Beginner's Guide to Modular Homes
This is a very good explanation of modular homes. It walks you through the basic steps and shows the general construction phases. If you are unfamiliar with modular homes this is a good video to start with and lasts 4:01 minutes.
Modular Solution Helping Gulf Coast
Special report from a gulf coast news station that explains the housing damage from Hurricane Katrina and how modular is meeting the housing need of the damaged gulf coast. They do a good job explaining modular homes and dispelling myths about modular homes. The video is 6:15 minutes long.
Modular Home Set Up
Ever see a 3 story home assembled in one day? This video shows the modules being delivered and then lifted into place to form a 3 story custom modular home. At 9:58 minutes it is a long video but it does a good job also showing the electrical and plumbing connections. Besides shrinking a full day of work into 10 minutes is pretty good.
Making green modular homes with LA architect Marmol Radziner
LXTV interviews an architect who is designing environmentally friendly modular homes. This 5:46 minute video also includes a walk through the factory as the architect demonstrates the reduced construction waste.