Modular Commercial Building Information

Pros and Cons of a Commercial Modular Building

Just like any building type, modular commercial buildings comes with advantages and disadvantages. We have compiled the most common aspects that business people encounter when reviewing the possibility of using modular construction for their building needs.

Make sure to review the list so you can make an informed decision for your building construction needs. Also don't forget to factor in your specific needs as every business is in a different situation. There is no simple answer for every situation but with this helpful information you should be better prepared to handle your business decisions and avoid expensive surprise construction costs.


  • Cost Savings - Conventional site built construction can cost from $150 - $250 per square foot. Modular construction can range from $90 to $150 per square foot. The cost savings comes from assembly line efficiency.

  • Time Savings - Assembly line construction also decreases the fabrication time. Once the modules are completed and transported to the building site, the modular commercial building generally only takes one day to assemble on site.

  • Portability - Modular buildings are considered permanent structures but if necessary the large modules can be unassembled. Several modular manufacturers will rent you modular buildings to help accommodate seasonal work force needs.


  • Limited Customization - Modular buildings can be customized to a certain extent. If you want a totally original appearance modular buildings will not be able to deliver. They follow a variety of designs that can be changed and customized. But these designs do have limits on dramatic changes to the shape or look.

  • Limited Service Area - Since the modules are constructed in a factory and then shipped to the building site, the building site should be within 500 miles of the factory. The costs and transportation difficulties greatly increase for building sites farther than 500 miles.

  • Confusing Zoning Rules - Since modular buildings are just now becoming popular. Local zoning boards are becoming better informed about modular buildings. Thus you may find some out-dated and confusing zoning rules.