Modular Today

Performance Based Advertising

The housing market is not having its best time right now. Modular Today understands that modular marketers need to make their advertising budgets do more with less in order to keep their modular home factory open for business. We have created a new marketing opportunity to help modular manufacturers through this period.

Instead of taking a chance with typical advertising we are launching performance based advertising option. This means you only pay when Modular Today delivers users to your website or when home buyers send you a sales lead from Modular Today.


  • Consumer Contact Form
    We will create a contact form for your company profile on Modular Today. You will only be charged $10 for each sales lead that is submitted to you. If someone uses that form for any other reason than asking for more sales information you will not be charged.
  • Refer Home Buyers to Your Site
    We are sure you have a great website and wish more people visited it. Modular Today can help drive targeted traffic to your site. We will include a link to your site on your company profile. You only pay $0.75 for each visitor. That is less than advertising on Google and our traffic is much more targeted.
  • Bolded Listing
    Because we only earn money when we deliver targeted traffic and sales lead to you, we will increase your presence on our state directory pages. Your company will stand out by having your name bolded and listed at the top of the state directory pages.
At the end of each month you will receive a detailed activity report. When your account falls below $20 you will be notified that it is time to replenish the account funds.

I am certain can help your business be successful and profitable. That is why we have launched this new risk-free opportunity. This should remove any doubts you may have about taking advantage of the marketing opportunity a targeted modular home consumer portal, like can deliver your company.

$50 Performance Credit

$250 Performance Credit