Modular Homes Section

New Hampshire Modular Manufacturer Interviewed

Bryan Huot
Vice President
Preferred Building Systems
October 2011

Modular Today was able to catch up with Mr. Bryan Huot of Preferred Building Systems during a break at the modular home factory of Preferred Building Systems. Mr. Huot was nice enough to share some the wisdom that he has gained from working at a leading manufacturer in the modular home industry.

Modular Today: How did Preferred Building Systems become involved in modular homes?
Bryan Huot : Our parent company has been building wall panels and roof trusses in New England since 1962 and decided to take the next step by delivering a more complete product to our customers. In 2007 we created and began our modular home division to deliver a high quality and energy efficient home.

Modular Today: What should home buyers do before they start looking at modular homes?
Bryan Huot : It is good to start your research early to identify your style and design for your home. Common home designs can be classified as a ranch, cape, colonial, or a custom house. It is also important to know what your budget can allow as there are many upgrades and options to choose from. Also it is a good idea to physically visit different manufacturers to see the differences in products available, the cleanliness of the production line, and the looks of the product at the end of the production line.

Modular Today: What is the most common mistake that modular home buyers make?
Bryan Huot : Most common mistakes made are overlooking the items in a home that can save the homebuyer money year after year, such a insulation, efficient lighting, and water saving fixtures.

Modular Today: Which upgrades should smart modular home buyers choose?
Bryan Huot : Upgrades that can save you money over the life of the home. We offer different insulation packages that allow home buyers to choose how much insulation they want in their walls.

Modular Today: How can home buyers get the best price when buying a modular home?
Bryan Huot : All of the homes we estimate are prepared and geared to each specific buyer. We do our best to work with the builder and builder's client (the home buyer) to select the right products to help get the best value and quality for the budget.

Modular Today: How does Preferred Building Systems make their modular homes special?
Bryan Huot : We listen, we are always looking for ways to improve the products we offer, and we stand behind the homes we build.

Modular Today: What is Preferred Building Systems most proud of?
Bryan Huot : In 2010 we worked with an Architect and Habitat for Humanity to build the first Modular passive house in Charlotte, VT.

Bryan Huot can be contacted at Preferred Building Systems. For more information we suggest you visit one of their modular factory tours. It is a great way to see how the houses are built and to ask questions about any part of the home buying and building process.