Modular Commercial Building Information

Modular Commercial Building Uses

Classrooms, Churches, Storage & More
The modular building industry has a wide variety of commercial buildings and office buildings available. These buildings can be designed to accommodate the ADA (American Disabilities Act) requirements and any special need your company, school or organization may have. Most modular companies have in-house architects or relationships with outside architectural firms to help ensure that your modular commercial building fits you as much as humanly possible. These commercial modular solutions are ideal for situations that have a limited window of time for building. This has helped schools quickly expand their capacity during the summer months and fast food restaurants open in locations with challenging weather conditions. In recent years modular construction had been used for almost ever type of construction ranging between cruise ship cabins to franchised restaurants to neighborhood banks. Listed below are the most common types of modular commercial building types.

  • Residential Complexes
    • Townhouses & Condominiums
      In order to meet the demand of a fast growing community, many developers are using modular construction to build townhouses and condominiums. The final product looks exactly like a traditional stick built townhouse or condominium.

    • Dormitories
      Modular dormitories help reduce the expense for universities looking to increase their capacity. Modular dormitories can be multi-story and be built to blend in with the existing dormitories.

  • Classrooms & Educational Complexes
    Many schools and universities have taken advantage of modular classroom space. Modular classrooms can be built to blend in with existing buildings and can quickly provide relief to overcrowded classrooms.

  • Office Buildings
    • Administrative Buildings
      A variety of modular office buildings are available ranging from small modules 20 feet long to multi-story buildings containing corner offices with windows, open areas for cubicles and conference rooms.

    • Doctors Offices
      Another common office type is for medical use. The modular doctors office pays special attention to the exam rooms and waiting areas. Also making sure there is sufficient storage area and office space for the medical staff.

    • Law Offices
      The modular office buildings designed for lawyers tend to focus more on providing the bets space for you to receive and service your customers. It also takes into account the extra need for library space in your office.

  • Hotels & Motels
    Motels and Hotels franchises are starting to embrace the modular building. This helps ensure that the same high quality is delivered for all of your guest rooms. Modular building technique is also commonly used in cruise ship building.

  • Bank Buildings
    Modular designs for commercial bank space focus on the security aspect while still ensuring that the bank portrays an attractive image of strength and durability.

  • Restaurant Franchise Buildings
    Modular buildings help restaurant franchises ensure that they meet the quality guidelines that are required. McDonalds fast food restaurants have used the modular restaurant commercial building technique.