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How Can We Help Your Modular Business?

Modular Today is the premier resource for modular home buyers. We strive to provide the most helpful information so consumers can educate themselves and make better home buying decisions. As we educate consumers we also seek to help modular construction companies better connect with consumers. We have created many different ways to help modular construction companies and are open to new possibilities. Hopefully with the opportunities here on Modular Today, your modular construction company can enjoy a more succesful and profitable future.

Here are some most common topics that modular home providers seek:

  • How can I use Modular Today to promote my company?
    We offer many free and paid options for modular home providers to promote themselves on Modular Today. Here are some of the more popular options:


  • How do I update the information for my company profile?
    Our editors try to keep all company profiles as accurate as possible. We welcome any new information you can send to us. Simply use our contact form to let us know what needs to be changed. Changes are free and usually live on our website within 48 of hours of receiving them.


  • I am interested in the personal reviews of my company
    Personal reviews are the opinions of the individual posters and do not reflect the opinion of Modular Today. We do not allow people to post personal reviews that contain offensive language or false information. If you feel a personal review should not be allowed on Modular Today simply use our contact form to let us know about the personal review and your reason why it should be removed.

    We also allow all modular home providers to submit a rebuttal for any personal review of their company. The rebuttal will appear directly below the personal review. Please make sure your rebuttal is polite, factual and relevant to the personal review.


We hope you decide to partner with us as we strive to show home buyers the many benefits of modular homes. Send us a message and let's see how we can help each other and also move the modular industry forward.

If you have an idea how Modular Today can better serve the modular home community or have a question for us, please let us know.

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