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Arizona Modular Home Pricing

Here is sample modular pricing for Arizona home buyers. This is a small sample of the modular homes available in Arizona. It is intended to help home buyers gain a basic price range for factory built pricing in Arizona. If you would like to have a modular house price quote customized for your personal building situation please visit our Arizona modular home builder directory or complete the form for a home price quote.

These sample prices include a permanent foundation, connection to municipal sewer systems and municipal water systems. These prices can vary widely depending on your specific building site so you should contact a modular home builder for a precise home quote.

Model Name     Rooms     Size         Avg. Price
Brook View
Cape Style
3 Bedrms
2.5 Baths
2155 sqft
48' x 28'
Cape Style
3 Bedrms
2.5 Baths
2123 sqft
50' x 28'
Ranch Style
3 Bedrms
2 Baths
1658 sqft
60' x 28'
Ranch Style
3 Bedrms
2 Baths
1813 sqft
56' x 62'
Ranch Style
2 Bedrms
1 Baths
1105 sqft
40' x 28'
Two Story
4 Bedrms
2.5 Baths
2736 sqft
46' x 44'
Two Story
4 Bedrms
2 1/2 Baths
1980 sqft
38' x 28'
Two Story
3 Bedrms
3 Baths
1710 sqft
23' x 35'


Please remember these AZ modular home prices and details are subject to change. Every home building project is different with its own unique building specifications, building lot considerations, local zoning requirements and many more details that need to be customized. You should contact a local AZ modular home builder for the most current and accurate pricing.

Modular Home Buying Tip

Always shop around when you are looking for a lender to build a new house. Your builder will push for you to use their guy, but that's only because they are trying to get more details on you. It's a long process of making an offer and starting to build your house, so why not use that lengthy time frame to seek out some other lending options. It will benefit you to see what else is out there, and you will gain the advantage of having more of a feel of the whole home buying process. You will get to experience the pre-approval stage through different lenders, and that will educate you more on what these lenders are looking for in a potential customer. This may allow you to sharpen and improve your credentials and application for a more attractive lender that you want to choose down the road. No matter what you do during this exciting time, it's always beneficial not to jump at the first option.

Average Arizona Home Prices

The median home price in lovely Arizona is $209,900. Arizona home owners have seen their home value increase an average of 7.7% over the past year and real estate experts are planning it will rise 3.5% within the next year. The median list price per square foot in Arizona is $136. The median price of homes currently listed in Arizona is $254,900. Home pricing can vary widely across the state. Here are the average home prices for the most popular spots: Scottsdale $416,300, Gilbert $284,100, Chandler $267,200, Tempe $247,200, Peoria $239,400, Mesa $207,900, Glendale $198,000, Phoenix $195,900, Tucson $153,000.

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