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Modular Interviews

Here is our collection of interviews with experienced players in the modular construction industry. We thank these busy people for taking the time to share their thoughts with us and are confident this will help better educate you about modular homes and factory built construction.

Anthony Zarrilli - NJ Coastal Modular Builder Interviewed - Leader of a family-owned custom modular building company talks about how they keep customers happy along the New jersey shore and what every home buyer should know before getting starting construction.

Bill Sparkes - NJ Modular Home Builder Interviewed - Owner of a local modular home building company with offices throughout New Jersey talks about how new home buyers can get the most for their money and how to make their new home construction as smooth as possible.

John Ela - Epoch Homes CEO Interviewed - Owner of a leading modular home company shares his wisdom about green building and the modular home buying process. His detailed answers are a great read any person considering a modular home purchase.

Bryan Huot - Preferred Building Systems VP Interviewed - This modular home veteran shares helpful advice for people thinking about modular construction. This modular home factory keeps satisfying their customers and Bryan shares some quick tips for new home buyers.

Bob Eppinette - Soil Scientist Interviewed - Veteran soil scientist shares helpful advice and cost saving tips for new homer buyers. Before you start the building site selection process you should listen to this soil scientist so you know the right questions to ask to ensure a safe & dry house.

Pennslyvania Modular Home Builder Interviewed - Long time modular home builder Robert Fanelli, President of Riverview Homes in Western Pennsylvania shares some wisdom and insights for modular home buyers to help them better navigate the home buying process.

Recent Modular Home Buyer Interviewed - Discover what it is like buying a modular home from a consumer who actually bought one just a few months ago. This home buyer talks about his experience and provides helpful insights like what he would have done differently.

Douglas Cutler, Registered Modular Architect Interviewed - Modular architect Douglas Cutler shares his insights from years of designing modular homes and offers helpful information about the modular home design process including modular home additions.

Professor Michael A. Berk, Registered Architect Interviewed - This award winning architect shares helpful information about factory built housing for consumers. He also goes into detail with information for the environmentally aware home buyer.

Interview with a Veteran Local Modular Builder - Dale Callaghan of Callaghan Homes shares helpful insights and entertaining anecdotes with modular home buyers. Listen to the words of a 33 year veteran in modular home construction industry.

Interview with Excel Homes CEO - Steve Scharnhorst is the President and CEO of Excel Homes. He took some time out of his buys schedule to share with some helpful insights for prospective home buyers including what to he thinks buyers do not pay enough attention to.

Interview with Dr. David Smith - This professor of physics at the University of Virgin Islands talks with Modular Today and provides helpful advice to home buyers including what they should do to make sure they have a strong safe home that to best withstand dramatic weather.