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Modular homes are simply great homes built using more efficient and modern construction methods than traditional site built houses. They are permanent homes with solid foundations. Modular homes can be one story or multi-level homes. Modular home providers offer them in all designs including ranch, Cape Cod, bi-level and Colonial home styles. Many providers will allow full customization to create the home of your dreams. You can have your own architect create the modular home building plan and have the factory build it for you. Here are some helpful resources for homebuyers considering a modular home.

Modular Homes Articles
Read up on the basics of modular homes as well as the new advances and innovative uses of modular houses. Find out why modular home construction had double digit growth for the last decade and why more new home builders are considering the advantages of modular homes. Understand why modular homes are truly traditional homes simply being built with modern building techniques.

Common Questions
Have a question about modular homes? Another homebuyer has probably already asked it. Here is a compilation of common questions that we have encountered. This collection includes questions about the building process, how modular construction compares to stick built homes and of course why modular homes are completely different from mobile homes. This is a great overview of what you need to know.
Modular Home Buyers Books
Looking for a handy paper resource that you can take with you to a construction site or read at night? Here is a collection of the most useful and relevant modular home construction books that are available online or at your local bookstore. We don't sell these books and we didn't write them. We simply want to help share other good resources with you.
Modular Building Codes
Before you start building, make sure you know your local building codes and be certain that your modular home builder is certified and follows them. The building inspector can stop any home project in its tracks. Be smart and know what is needed before the home construction inspector makes you redo the home construction and pay hefty fines. Feel free to test your builder with this list to make sure they know what is needed.
Compare Modular Homes vs Other Homes
Modular homes are not mobile homes. T his clear comparison explains why. It also compares modular homes to traditional stick built homes. This side-by-side comparison helps to easily explain why a modular home is basically a site built home built offsite. There is no reason to stay confused about modular homes with this helpful chart.