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Modular Home Accidents

Nothing is perfect and that includes modular homes. The concept of using climate controlled factories to more efficiently build custom homes is a good concept, that is why we are fans of modular homes. Every now and then there are accidents and it is because of these accidents that we are even more impressed with modular homes.

You may be wondering why anyone would be impressed with a product that has accidents. We are impressed because modular homes sustain these accidents remarkably well. Here is a picture of a modular home that was being transported to its building site when wind from a nearby tornado blew it over. It is mostly intact after being flipped over, most windows are not even broken! The modular home factory quickly replaced the module and the modular home was just a few weeks delayed. Please don't get any crazy ideas. If a tornado ever comes near you get in a safe underground place like a reinforced home basement under your modular home.

This is also a good time to remind you that if you choose to buy a modular home to make sure you hire modular builders that are fully licensed and insured (preferably recomended by the modular home manufacturer). Even trained modular home builders some time make mistakes. If a mistake happens you want to make sure your home is safe and covered by the home builders insurance. All licensed builders should have insurance but to be safe ask to see a copy to make sure it hasn't expired. This advice goes for modular home buyers and site built homes. No one is perfect and you should make sure you are protected from rainy days.

Your modular home probably will not be attacked by a tornado but other modular home accidents can happen, especially when it is being transported. The modular home convoys arrive safely almost all of the time but some times accidents occur with those 70 foot long, wide load modular home trailers. Here is an accident that occurred when a modular home trailer was taking a turn off the highway. The restraining straps locking the home module onto the trailer broke and the home module slid off the trailer. The home module took dropped about 3 feet into the road. The trailer is only about 3 feet off the ground but we think its still impressive for a modular home to drop 3 feet and have not noticeable damage.

You will probably not see alot of modular home accidents discussed. That is because most modular home manufacturers are very embarrassed when they are not 100% perfect. But everyone is human and mistakes happen. We think it is great to see these modular home accidents and realize the amount of stress these modules can sustain and still hold together. If god forbid an accident would happen to your modular home don't worry. It will unfortunately delay your home completion date but the modular home manufacturers will replace it for free. That is what is great about buying a home from a large company, they have the financial and labor resources to quickly fix a freak modular home accident.

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