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Modular Garage Options

Modular garages can be provided in two different varieties - Steel structure or a wooden structure. Depending on what you are planning to use it for, how large you need it to be and how you would like it to look will depend on which selection is best for.

Steel Modular Garages
Steel modular garages are portable buildings that are constructed in large parts and shipped to the building site with all the walls, windows, floor trusses, plumbing and electrical connections. At the building site they are constructed on a prepared foundation. This is an option that is generally preferred by businesses looking to add more warehouse space or additional workspace. Most residential neighborhoods do not appreciate the look of a steel modular garage.

Steel buildings generally do not score high for appearances. Often they utilize a very simple design and focus on the strength and durability of the building, after all steel buildings are targeted more for work and not for family living. Smaller steel buildings can be a DIY or do it yourself project but larger ones will need a professional construction crew. Steel garages can be constructed as big as aircraft hangers if you really need that much space.

Wooden modular garages
Wooden modular garages are becoming more common and are becoming a standard option for some modular homes. The wooden modular garages are not built as large as the steel modular garages and are not as portable. They do have benefits over the steel buildings. They are generally less expensive and also look much nicer. These modular garages can blend in perfectly with the house exterior. This is a good option for building sites that have weather issues.

These residential modular garages are best suited for family living. They can be attached to a home or constructed as a self standing garage. These wooden garages can not be built as large as a steel building but I can't think of a family that needs to store an airplane in their garage.

Whichever modular garage you decide on you will benefit from the increased efficiency that a climate controlled factory can deliver not to mention the time savings and reduced time needed on the actual building site.

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