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Here is a collection of articles written for the modular home buyer. We hope you find this information helpful in your search for a modular home. If you have a question that is not addressed within this information please feel free to suggest it to our editorial team. They are regularly adding to this modular construction information.

10 Golden Rules of Modular Home Construction - Helpful advice for home buyers to make sure they get their dream home and not have a bad nightmare with their modular home construction project. Be smart and be informed before you start your modular home project.

Avoiding Green Pitfalls of Modular Homes - We all want to help the environment and modular construction can do that. Make sure you learn the truth so you can avoid the hype that some overly eager home sellers may try to make you believe. A good consumer is an informed consumer.

Sears Mail Order Homes - Sears beat the modular construction craze by over a hundred years with their prefab mail order homes. They encountered many of the same issues today and did a good enough job that they were in demand for over forty years.

Making Custom Modular Homes A Reality - Prefab homes are not known for their custom designs and appearances but modular homes are changing that. Learn how to best customized a modular home so you can have your dream home today.

History of Modular Construction - Want to know more about how these prefab homes evolved? This article takes a brief look at the history of modular home construction and some of the more unusual applications this more efficient method has been used with recently on land and elsewhere.

Modular Garage Options - There are many modular garages that you can buy. Which is right for your family and which are best for businesses looking for more work space? Find out in this article about these modular buildings built from wood or steel.

Prefab Homes Are Now Pretty
If you are looking to insult a home, one simple way is to say it looks prefab. That is now starting to change with new technology. The prefabricated housing industry is now creating multi-story homes that are custom designed ...

Manufactured Home Decor
Decorating your home sweet modular home. You've probably seen a mobile home park or two that have given you a bad idea of what modular home living is all about. You know, the dumpy stereotype lots ...

How To Buy Land For Manufactured Homes
Tips for finding a permanent home for your pre-fabricated home. You've decided to purchase a manufactured home, and even chosen the style, and everything else. Now it's time to find a permanent place for your pre-fabricated ...

Advantages of Going Modular
The tried and true construction of pre-fabricated homes. Pre-fabricated homes are just that, they are totally constructed in a climate-controlled factory setting. What does that mean to the buyer? Well it can mean a host of plusses ...

Buying A Modular Home
Things to consider before purchasing a pre-fabricated home. So we've established that modular homes and manufactured homes (aka trailers) are not the same thing. For instance, manufactured homes are built on ...

Modular Homes vs. Manufactured Homes
Isn't Manufactured and Modular the same thing? No it's not! But if you're in the market for a modular home the salesperson might very well refer to it as a manufactured home. Even though modular homes & manufactured homes are ...

Pros And Cons Of Buying A Modular Home
If you are like the majority of new homebuyers you probably have a lot of questions and concerns. What type of house should I purchase? How much will it cost me? If you are in the market for a newly constructed home ...

Learn About Commercial Modular Solutions
Many people confuse modular offices with temporary buildings. This is because most people see the temporary offices at construction work sites or large concerts. However modular offices have evolved into much more ...

How to Wisely Buy A Building Lot
Covers helpful tips to turn real estate into a great investment. It also talks about the challenges you face when buying your building lot. Make sure you are fully prepared to research, evaluate and negotiate for the lots of land.

Modular Homes Need Good Contractors, No Exceptions
Modular homes are great prefab solutions but home buyers still need a local contractor. This article explains why you need a local contractor and what you should look for in your modular contractor.

What are Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)?
You might not have come across this innovative building material yet but you will soon. Find out the benefits of these Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and also their weakness so you make the most of this building product.

Modular Home Accidents - When Bad Things Happen to Good Homes
No one is perfect and every now and then there are modular home accidents. Find out how much stress a modular home can bear as it crashes on the way to the building site.

Modular Vacation Homes - Making Paradise a Reality
Some helpful tips in how to stretch your home buying budget to get the vacation home you have always wanted. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls of buying vacation homes and when is the best time to negotiate a modular vacation home.

Energy Efficient Modular Homes
Modular house construction is a much more efficient construction method and with a few upgrades you can ensure your new house will be energy efficient and saving you money every year you own it.

Building For Hurricane Season with Mod U Kraf
Modular homes are often built stronger than traditional home construction. Learn what Mod U Kraf is doing to build a stronger modular home for hurricane season and what you should look for if you live in a hurricane area.

Decorating Your Modular Home - Explore the decorating opportunities of modular homes. Don't worry about being overwhelmed by the never ending options you have to transform a house into your own dream home. Here are some helpful tips to make your decorating ideas a reality.

Choosing the Perfect Home For You - Buying a home is likely going to be the biggest purchase of your life. Make sure you buy the right home for you. You may be surprised at the many different options you should consider when choosing your dream home.

Choosing a General Contractor - Do not underestimate the importance of having picking the right general contractor for you building project. Learn what to look for and what to avoid when reviewing your local builders for your modular home.

Who Needs a Modular Home? - Scared of prefab homes? Not sure a modular home is a good fit for your family? Learn more about who can benefit from modular homes and also learn who may not be a good fit for modular home construction. Become educated and make an informed decision for your family.

Why Modular Homes May Not Match You - Need a cure for too much hype of modular homes and prefab construction. Here is a reality check that looks at the negative aspects of modular homes. We love modular homes but we also know that everyone is different. Get informed.

Modular Home Resale Value - Don't guess or worry about the resale value of modular homes. Learn what will impact the resale value of a home, what needs to happen for a modular home to have the highest resale value and how it compares to stick built homes.

How to Evaluate a Modular Home Builder - Great cheatsheet on how to evaluate modular home builders. This will help you to uncover inexperienced rookies and how to identify masterful veterans that can make your modular home construction as painless as possible.

Modular Home Pricing and Estimates - Time to talk money! Better understand the estimate and contract pricing process. This will help you to better compare two different proposals as accurately as possible so you can find the better bargain.

Modular Home Contracts - Before you sign your life you better make sure you know what you are signing. Here we go over some key points with modular construction contracts including what you should have added to the contracts to protect yourself.

Size Limits of Modular Home Construction - Modular homes can be built as big as mansions. However there are some size limitations to understand so you can make smarter decisions for your budget and time schedule. Learn how to have your house built to the right size for your desire and your budget.

Building a Modular Garage - Need more storage space or a new workshop? The many modular garage providers will be happy to help. With all of their different options and products which is right for your personal situation? Let us help you decide.

Local Finishing Work for Modular Homes - Modular home might be prefab and built in a factory but there is critical work that will need to be finished on site. Learn what is involved and how long will be needed before you will be able to move into your dream home.

Modular Apartments - Is there anything that landlords and tenants can agree on? The benefits of modular apartments just might be something they can agree on. Learn more about how modular apartments can be a smart decision for everyone.

Avoid Costly Modular Home Shortcuts - We all want to save time and money, that is why modular home construction is so attractive. Sometimes a shortcut can be very costly in the long term. Here are some key areas not to take shortcuts with your home.

Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces - Make the most out of your modular or manufactured home with these helpful design tips. With a few simple design changes you make can dramatically improve how much you enjoy your dream home regardless of big or small it is.

Rebuild Old, Small or Broken Homes with Modular Construction - Has your home become damaged in a fire ? Or has your vacation home become too small for your family? Find out how modular construction can give you a new home custom designed for your lifestyle in quick order.

Building a Modular Home using DIY Method - You can save big money by acting as the general contractor for your modular home project. Of course you can also end up with a nightmare if you don't know what you are getting into. We point out some key ares you should be aware about.

How to Select the Best Building Lot for Your Home - Before you even start picking out what home style and size you want you should first learn about how to pick the right building lot. Building lots vary alot and some can lead to unexpected construction costs. Find out what to look out for.