General Modular Building Information

Modular Building Checklist

In order to ensure your modular construction project does not have any work stoppages, here is a brief checklist to make sure you have made the necessary decisions for your modular home of modular office. Also a list of possible permits and regulations you may need to deal with.

Modular Homes/Office Checklist
  • Determine budget (land, building, labor, transportation)
  • Arrange financing (interest rate, length of loan, closing costs)
  • Determine need (size, bedrooms, bathrooms, sq. ft.)
  • Pick home style (colonial, ranch, split level, cape cod, etc.)
  • Select site additions (decks, garages, stairs, etc.)
  • Choose foundation type (basement, slab-on-grade, crawlspace)
  • Check references on the modular manufacturer and their local builder
  • Site preparation work (clearing, grading, etc.)
  • Shop for insurance

Possible Permits/Regulations
  • Land Survey
  • Land Use Compliance Certificate
  • Zoning Exception
  • Site Plan Approval
  • Environmental Permits
  • Commercial Building Permit
  • Water Approval
  • Electric Approval
  • Sanitation Approval

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