Modular Homes Section

Modular Homes Building Codes

Building codes are the laws and regulations that specify the way something should be constructed. The federal government requires that the HUD building code be used for all mobile/manufactured homes. Modular building construction is regulated at the state and local levels the same way traditional site built homes are. Your modular building contractor should already know the regulations that apply to your project based on the address of the physical building site and the agencies that have jurisdiction over that area. Here is a brief overview of building codes based on state regulations. Remember to check with your state and local agencies to ensure your building will meet or exceed the required building codes and also that you apply for the necessary permits.

    SBC - Standard Building Code
    IBC - International Building Code
    UBC - Uniform Building Code

    SMC - Standard Mechanical Code
    IMC - International Mechanical Code
    UMC - Uniform Mechanical Code

    SPC - Standard Plumbing Code
    UPC - Uniform Plumbing Code
    IPC - International Plumbing Code
    NSPC - National Standard Plumbing Code

    NEC - National Electrical Code

    IAPMO - International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials
StateStructure CodeMechanical CodePlumbing CodeElectrical CodeLicensing Contact
AL2006 IBC2006 IMC2006 IPC2008 NECLicensing Board of General Contractor, 334-272-5030
AK2000 IBC (modified)2000 IMC (modified)2003 UPC2002 NECDept. of community & Economic Development, Division of Occupational Licensing, Contractors Registration Section, 907-465-3035
AZ2003 IBC (modified)2003 IMC (modified1994 (IAPMO) (modified)2002 NEC (modifiedRegistrar of Contractors, 602-542-1525
AR2006 IBC (modified)2003 IMC (modified)2003 IPC (modified)2008 NECContractor's Licensing Board, 501-372-4661
CA2006 IBC (modified)2006 UMC IAPMO (modified)2006 UPC IAPMO (modified)2005 NEC (modified)Contractor's State Licensing Board, 916-255-3900
CO2006 IBC2006 IMC2006 IPC2008 NECState Electrical Board, 303-894-7800, Board of Plumbers, 303-894-7800
CT2003 NBC (modified)2003 IMC (modified)2003 IPC (modified)2005 NECDept. of Consumer Protection, Professional Occupational Licensing Division, 860-713-6135
DE2003 IBC2003 IMC2006 IPC2008 NEC (modifiedDept. of Finance, Division of Revenue, 302-577-8205
FL2007 SBC (modified)2007 IMC (modified)2007 IPC (modified)2008 NECDept. of Business & Professional Regulation, The Construction Industry Licensing Board, 850-487-1395
GA2006 IBC (modified)2006 IMC (modified)2006 IPC (modified)2008 NEC (modified)Construction Industry Licensing Board, 478-207-1416
HIState WrittenState WrittenState WrittenState WrittenDept. of Commerce & Community Affairs, Professional & Vocational Licensing Division, 808-586-3000
ID2006 IBC1994 IMC2003 UPC with state supplement2008 NEC (modified)Electrical: Division of Building Safety, Electrical Bureau, 208-334-2183; Plumbing: Division of Building Safety, Plumbing Bureau, 208-334-3442
IL2003 IBC2003 IMC2004 State Plumbing Code 2002 NEC (modified)Dept. of Professional Regulation 217-785-0800
IN2003 IBC (modified)2006 IMC (modified)1997 UPC (IAPMO edition) (modified)2005 NEC (modified)Professional Licensing Agency, 317-232-2980
IA2009 IBC (modified)2009 IMC (modified)2009 IPC (modified)2008 NECDivision of Labor, 515-242-5871
KS2006 IBC2006 UMC2006 UPC2005 NECDept. of Revenue, Director of Taxation Registration, 785-368-8222
KY2006 IBC (modified)2006 IMCState-written2008 NEC (modified)Plumbing: Dept. of Housing, Division of Plumbing, 502-573-0382; Electrical: State Fire Marshall, 502-573-0395
LA2006 IBC2006 IMC2000 SPC (modified)2008 NECState Licensing Board for Contractors, 225-765-2301
MEState-writtenState-written2003 IPC2002 NECDept. of Professional & Financial Regulations, 207-624-8603
MD2009 IBC (modified)2009 IMC2009 IPC (modified)2008 NECState Board of Plumbing, 410-230-6164
MAState-written2003 IMC (modified)State-written2008 NEC (modified)State Board of Building Regulations & Standards, 617-727-7532 ext. 25205
MI2006 IBC (modified)State-writtenState-written2005 NECDept. of Consumer & Industry Services, Bureau of Commercial Services-Builders Unit, 517-241-9254
MN2006 IBC (modified)2006 IMC (modified)2003 IPC (modified)2008 NECDept. of Commerce, Licensing Unit, 651-296-6319
MS2006 IBC2006 IMC2006 IPC2005 NECMississippi State Board of Contractors, 601-354-6161
MO2006 IBC 2006 IMC2006 IPC2005 NECMissouri Division of Fire Safety (573) 751-2930
MT2006 IBC 2006 UMC 2006 UPC 2005 NEC Contractor Registration Unit, Employment Relations Division, Dept. of Labor & Industry, 406-444-7734; Plumbing and Electrical Licensing, 406-841-2367
NE2000 IBC2000 IMC2000 IPC2005 NECDepartment of Revenue 402-471-5729
NV2006 IBC2006 UMC (modified)2006 IPC2005 NECNevada State Contractor's Board, 702-688-1141 or 702-486-1100
NH2009 IBC2009 IMC2009 IPC (modified)2008 NECPlumbing: Plumber's Licensing Board, 603-271-3267; Electrical: Electrician's Licensing Board, 603-271-3748
NJ2006 IBC (modified)2006 IMC (modified)2006 NSPC (modified)2008 NEC (modified)Electrical: Dept. of Law & Public Safety,Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors, 973-504-6410;Plumbing: Dept. of Law & Public Safety, Board of Examiners of Master Plumbers, 973-504-6420
NM2006 IBC (modified)2006 UMC (modified)2006 UPC (modified)2008 NEC (modified)Regulations and Licensing Dept., Construction Industry Division, 505-827-7030
NY2007 IBC (modified)2007 IMC (modified)2007 IPC (modified)2005 NECState Dept. of Labor, Div. Of Safety/Health, License and Certification Unit, 518-457-2735.
NC2009 IBC (modified)2009 IMC (modified)2009 IPC (modified)2008 NEC (modified)Licensing Board for General Contractors, 919-571-4183
ND2006 IBC (modified)2006 IMC2000 UPC with state supplement2008 NEC (modified)Secretary of State, 701-328-3665
OH2006 IBC (modified)2006 IMC (modified)2006 IPC (modified)2008 NECLead abatement & asbestos: Dept. of Health, Asbestos Program, 614-466-1450; Plumbing, electrical, hydronics and HVAC: Construcrtion Industry, Examing Board, 614-644-3493
OK2006 IBC (modified)2000 IMC2000 IPC2005 NEC (modified)Construction Industries Board, Occupational Licensing, 405-271-5217
OR1997 UBC (modified)1998 IMC (modified)1997 UPC (modified)2002 NEC (modified)Construction Contractor's Board, 503-378-4621. Electrical & Plumbing; Building Codes Division, 503-378-4133; Asbestos: Department of Environmental Quality, 503-229-5982
PA2009 IBC 2009 IMC2009 IPC2008 NEC Department of General Services, Public Works, 717-787-6371
RI2006 IBC (modified)2006 IMC (modified)2006 IPC (modified)2008 NEC Dept. of Administration, Building Codes Commission, Contractor's Registration Board, 401-222-1268
SC2006 IBC (modified)2006 IMC2006 IPC (modified)2008 NECLicensing Board for Contractors, 803-896-4686
SD2000 IBC 2000 IMC2000 UPC 2008 NEC (modified)Plumbing: State Plumbing Commission, 605-773-3429; Electrical: State Electrical Commission, 800-233-7765
TN2006 IBC 2006 IMC2006 IPC2008 NEC (modified)Board of Licensing Contractors, 800-544-7693
TX2006 IBC (modified)2006 IMC (modified)2006 IPC (modified)2008 NECAir Conditioning & Refrigeration, 512-463-6599; Plumbing, 512-458-2145
UT2006 IBC 2006 IMC 2006 IPC 2008 NEC Dept. of Commerce, Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing, 801-530-6628
VT2006 IBC (modified)2006 IMC (modified)2006 IPC (modified)2008 NEC (modified)Dept. of Labor & Industry, 802-828-2107
VA2006 IBC (modified)2006 IMC (modified)2006 IPC (modified)2005 NEC (modified)Dept. of Professional & Occupational Regulations, State Board of Contractors, 804-367-8511
WA2006 IBC (modified)2006 IMC (modified)2006 UPC (modified) 2005 NEC Dept. of Labor & Industries, Compliance Division, Contractor Registration Section, 360-902-5226
WV2003 IBC 2003 IMC2003 IPC2005 NECContractor's Licensing Board, 304-558-7890
WI2006 IBC2006 IMCState-written2008 NEC Dept. of Commerce, Credentialing Unit, 608-261-8500
WY2006 IBC2006 IMCnone2008 NECDept. of Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety, 307-777-7288