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Hurricane Season with ModUKraf

When hurricane season arrives, homeowners brace for the worst. Will their homes escape with only minor damage? What, if anything, can be done to build houses that better weather powerful storms?

The housing industry thinks it has an answer in systems-built houses. ModuKraf is the nations leading manufacturer of system built housing. Odds for survival in a storm can be increased by following certain building guidelines and materials, developed from years of studies on the effects of extreme weather conditions on homes. Systems-built means that the homes are all or partly built in factories. These dwellings offer greater resistance to tornadoes and hurricanes than traditionally built homes.

ModuKraf homes are often stronger than conventional constructions because they exceed the local building codes. Because they must be trucked long distances and then lifted up by a crane onto the foundation, they must be extremely structurally sound. By building the homes in a controlled factory setting, the houses are sturdier because there is less room for human error. Prior to being transported to the home site, the structure withstands and intensive inspection. ModuKraf homes are made tighter and better able to withstand high winds.

In addition to using storm-resistant technology in system-built housing, industry professionals should first consider the type of materials and equipment that are used throughout the building process. Construction materials are resistant to damage from bulk water intrusion including floods and major rain events. Attributes for preferred building material absorb little or no moisture; dry without long-term damage; have few voids within assemblies; are affordable and market acceptable; have integrated insulation that resists moisture; and are configurable into multiple housing types.

Not only are the materials used in construction important, the construction process itself has a major impact on the sustainability of the structure. For example, the types of moisture mitigation strategies that are in place during the building process are as important as how well the basement is waterproofed. The process for sealing the joint between the basement floor and foundation walls should be considered along with how you caulk and weather-strip all windows, exterior doors and other house penetrations.

Systems built structures are guaranteed to not only meet building code requirements, but they exceed expectations in the home building process. Using the latest system processes and building indoors provides superior quality craftsmanship in system built homes. ModuKraf creates durable homes that are more likely to withstand severe elements. And consider this, enhanced building efforts return a high-grade construction that appreciates in value.

ModuKraf currently has more than 70 design options to choose from and also offers complete customization of their system-built homes. These homes should not be confused with manufactured, manufactured-modular, or mobile homes. Their system built constructions are built to a much higher performance code.

For more information about system built housing, contact Mod U Kraf.

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