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Rebuild Your Home from the Ground Up

There are times when a home just isn't worth the land that it sits on. Sometimes, this is the result of extensive damage caused by fire, flooding or other extraordinary circumstance. In other cases, families may have outgrown their home's small footprint or become weary of the quirks of an old house that seemed "charming" when purchased (strong drafts, creaky stairs, small and oddly shaped rooms, etc.).

Faced with the reality that their home is no longer livable, many homeowners first consider two options: moving or remodeling. A third - and often, much better option - is to tear down the existing house and rebuild a new home. With the time and cost savings associated with modular construction, this third option can provide the best of both worlds. Rebuilding in the same location allows your family to stay in a place you love while enjoying a new home that meets your changing needs.

Moving is rarely a desirable option when a family loves their location and has built strong ties to the community. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to find an affordable new home that will keep the kids in the same school zone, offer the same short walk to the park or downtown and keep your work commute time down.

Remodeling may initially seem like a strong option, but it has its limitations. The biggest upside to remodeling is that it lets you stay in the location you love. Among the many disadvantages are price and dubious construction timelines. Remodeling is very expensive, even with relatively conservative project plans. Remodelers frequently regret all the compromises they made to keep costs down and wonder if it buying a new home closer to their dreams would have been more cost effective. Almost all remodeling projects take considerably longer to complete than originally estimated. Families may be able to navigate around the construction, but an extensive remodeling project can displace homeowners for weeks or months. Therefore, in addition to the actual construction costs, families need to factor in the price of temporary housing and associated disruptions.

Perhaps the biggest limitation to remodeling an existing home is the actual home itself. Regardless of how creative homeowners and contractors are when developing plans, the footprint of the existing structure always limits a remodeling project. In other words, you can tweak the house you have, but remodeling won't give you the house you want.

Some people believe that tearing down a home is a last resort option, something done only when city officials have declared the property too rundown to save. In fact, tearing down an old home and replacing it with a new modular home is a great option that can save both time and money. In addition, a total tear down and rebuild allows the property owners to start with a clean slate. Families can determine the size and style of their new home instead of living with choices other people made decades ago. The homeowners can create building plans driven by their own needs and preferences.

Timing is a huge concern for many homeowners who are weighing the relative benefits and disadvantages of a remodel versus a tear down. Homeowners who use their property seasonally understandably don't want to lose any time in their vacation getaways. Modular construction delivers high-quality results in a fraction of the time required for traditional site-built construction so a complete tear down and rebuild is easily be done between seasons. Beach property owners can schedule a tear down for after Labor Day and rest assured that they will be back on the beach for a Memorial Day summer kick-off party. Likewise, snow bunnies can plan demolition for the end of the season and be back on the slopes in the comfort of their brand new lodge as soon as the lifts open. Rebuilding a home allows for the inclusion of amenities such as central heating and cooling that will make the home a comfortable year-round destination.

Tear downs are not just for homeowners who have outgrown their space. The number of people who purchase property in highly desirable locations such as the Jersey Shore and popular ski resorts with no plans to live in the house that they purchased has grown in recent years. Instead of making do with a property they don't enjoy, these new owners opt to tear down the existing house and replace it with a custom-designed modular home that suits their tastes. Often, this raises the value of the property substantially.

If you are ready to explore the unlimited options available in a new modular home, visit our gallery of modular home floor plans.

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