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Modular Homes Today Speaks with a Home Buyer

Stephen Cheskiewicz
Modular Home Buyer
May 2008

Modular Today: What first attracted you to modular homes?
Stephen: Faster completion times, we researched and found that in many cases they are better and more consistently built than stick built homes.

Modular Today: What did you decide to include in your modular home?

Stephen: Upgraded kitchen with quartz countertops, wood fireplace, ceramic tile and wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, french doors.

Modular Today: Can you describe the different stages you went through?

Stephen: Planning the home, working with the builder to find the right location on our land, basement digging, superior walls setup, waiting, modular set-up (ours is 4 pieces), waiting, finishing crews, subcontractor work - fireplace, flooring, etc.

Modular Today: How was your experience with the initial stages of buying your home?

Stephen: Good, there was a clear model home to review and the builder had many options for upgrades.

Modular Today: Was the later stages different from the initial stages?

Stephen: Yes, you see in later stages how it all comes together.

Modular Today: Which do you feel is more important, the local builder or the factory?

Stephen: The local builder, they do all of the set-up and trim, etc. It is these items that can really make a place come together.

Modular Today: If you had a time machine, what would you do differently?

Stephen: Small things that were overlooked, like having outlets in the basement and perhaps timing so the home was not being worked on in the winter.

Modular Today: What advice would you give to your friends about modular homes?

Stephen: They are not double-wide trailers, they are built strong enough to travel and be hoisted and built inside so the materials never get weathered. Overall, the quality and experience has been positive.