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Modular Home Books

Here is a list of books dealing with modular homes and related industries. normally is one of the cheaper places you can buy these books. Happy reading and happy building.

  • 2008 Insiders' Guide To Modular Homes (eBook)
    by Tim Key
    Price $25 More Information

  • The Modular Home (Paperback)
    by Andrew Gianino
    Price $25 Modular Home Book Website

  • Developing with Manufactured Homes (Paperback)
    by Steve Hullibarge
    Price $50 Listing

  • Modular Mansions (Hardcover)
    by Sheri Koones
    Price $40 Listing

  • PreFab Home (Paperback)
    by Michael Buchanan, Franklin Schmidt, Esther Schmidt
    Price $25 Listing

  • The Grissim Ratings Guide to Manufactured Homes:
    The Essential Buyer's Resource, Listing Every Builder in the U.S., Their Histories, Products, Price Ranges, ... Need-to-Know Information and Much More (Paperback)
    by John Grissim
    Price $30 Listing

  • Manufactured Home Buyer's Handbook (Paperback)
    by Wes Johnson
    Price $35 Listing

  • Manufactured Home Financing: How to Get the Best Deal on the Planet for Financing Your Manufactured Home (Paperback)
    by Tony Evans
    Price $15 Listing

  • Prefab (Hardcover)
    by Allison Arieff, Bryan Burkhart
    Price $40 Listing