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Excel Homes Setting Two-Story Home Photos

Excel Homes was nice enough to share these images of one of their homes being set. Enjoy.
Excel Modular Home Being SetHere the first module is being set on the prepared foundation. This home owner choose to have a full basement. Before the modules were delivered the local builder constructs the foundation for the modular home.
Excel Modular Home Being SetThe overhead crane slowly lifts the module into place. To help ensure the module goes where it is supposed to and does not sway out of place, members of the set crew hold guide lines.
Excel Modular Home Being SetThe spaces in the walls are for doorways where the modules connect to other modules. A typical two story modular home takes a full day to be set and consists of several modules.
Excel Modular Home Being SetA nice benefit of modular homes is the reduced intrusions for your neighbors. Since most work is done off site there is reduced noise and aggravation to your new neighbors as compared to stick-built construction.
Excel Modular Home Being SetAs we see here this two story home is not a plain rectangular box but rather an attractive design that matches other homes.
Excel Modular Home Being SetAlong the side of these pictures you can notice there are trees. These trees were not in the way because there was enough room for the crane in the front of the home.
Excel Modular Home Being SetWhen the modules are placed, the crane lifts the hinged roof into place. The roof was hinged and layed flat on top of the modules for easier travel. Right above the builders you see part of the roof still folded back. They have already lowered the hinged roof overhang (seen in the lower right).
Excel Modular Home Being SetAfter the roof is secure it is capped with wall panels to securely enclose it. The builder will then spend several days more adding the finishing touches to the home.

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