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Excel Home Factory Photos

Excel Homes shared these photos from inside one of their three modular home factories. Enjoy.
Excel Home Factory Modular HomesHere Excel Homes workers are performing work on the ceiling of a module. Trust me construction workers perform better and faster when they are in a comfortable environment.
Excel Home Factory Modular HomesNow they have started work on a hinged roof. The hinged roof allows modular homes to be transported on narrow roads and still have a steep roof pitch like stick-built homes. Also notice how the power nailer the builder is using is attached to the roof of the factory.
Excel Modular Home Being SetWorkers continue on the hinged roof. Here they are adding an overlapping protective layer to seal the roof after it is lifted into place at the building site.
Excel Modular Home Being SetBuilders are placing piping trough the framework. You can also see some of the reinforcement that has been added to the framework.

This section of our website is devoted to user submitted pictures of modular homes and the modular construction process.

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