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Dickinson Homes has shared this photo album of their modular construction process in action. These photos demonstrate the steps that go on every day in their factories building customized modular homes. Enjoy.
modular floor deck framingFloor deck framing in factory. Floor wiring and plumbing is installed before the floor sheathing and walls are set in place
modular bathroom framingBathroom tubs, showers and other large items are set on the floor deck. The walls are then set in place around these items
modular roof trussesThe roof truss sections are set on the walls in the factory. The exterior walls are wired and plumbed before the insulation is installed
modular roof raftersThe roof rafters for a 2nd story chalet home are installed. The interior tongue and groove wood is put up before the insulation is installed
modular kitchen setupThe interior walls and the ceiling of a kitchen are wired and plumbed
drywall workAfter the wiring and plumbing is completed the walls of the kitchen are covered with drywall. The drywall is then taped, mudded and sanded before the primer coat
modular kitchen cabinetsAfter the drywall primer has dried, the kitchen cabinetry is installed along with the built in appliances
roof workFelt paper along with ice and water shield is installed on the roof in the factory before the shingles are installed. The fascia and soffit is also being installede
modular dormerAfter the shingles are installed in the factory, the siding and window is installed on this dormer
modular windowsBefore leaving the factory, the trapezoid windows are installed on the top modules of this chalet style home

This section of our website is devoted to user submitted pictures of modular homes and the modular construction process.

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