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Connecticut Valley Homes Photos

Connecticut Valley Homes shared some of their modular home projects with us. These photos feature some great examples of shingle style homes. Enjoy.
Connecticut Shingle Modular HomesA very spacious two story modular home with shingle siding. This home has a fireplace, multiple decks for the whole family to enjoy.
Connecticut Shingle Modular HomeThis shingle sided modular home has a screened in porch, outdoor deck on the second story, full basement and many bedrooms and bathrooms for the family.
two story modular home with deckThis is another lovely example of shingle siding on a modular home. This two story house has custom windows and trim wrapping around the house. It also features an overhang front porch to enjoy watching the sunsets.
three story modular homeThis is a three story modular home. It has a classic siding that perfectly blends in with the neighborhood. This home also has multiple decks and large windows to enjoy the vista.
Cape Cod modular homeThis is a classic cape cod modular home. It has a fireplace and attached garage to help keep you cozy during the cold weather.
vacation modular homeThis modular home features a wrap around deck to enjoy the views from all angles. This home is also elevated on pier supports which is common for beach homes close to the water.

This section of our website is devoted to user submitted pictures of modular homes and the modular construction process.

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