Hampton Two Story Floorplan by Westchester Modular Homes

Westchester Modular Homes Hampton Two Story Description
Hampton two story design is a perfect model of an ideal floor plan which satisfy the customers of the middle class. The main feature of the plan is all the bedrooms & the master rooms are in the 2nd.floor. Only one big bedroom, the kitchen & dining room are at the 1st.floor. The large bed room (12 ft.x16ft. 2 inches) may be converted easily into office. After the office hours, it may be utilized for a small get together. As the room is near the entrance & at the left side of the stairs one can separate the space from the other portion of the home. That will keep the privacy of the other family members. The master bed room of 2nd floor can be converted into children's indoor play arena or the restroom. The contiguous three bed rooms are the unique feature of the floor plan. The two bed rooms at the side of the master bed room are ideal for the young couple with kids. One room will be for the couple & the other to the kids. The parent can easily look after the kids from the adjacent room. The other large room at the corner is suitable for the senior member of the family as retired couple requires more space. They can utilize the extra space of the room. In a word, the floor plan of the picture is the result of most creative thought.