Custom Colonial 5 Two Story Floorplan by Westchester Modular Homes

Westchester Modular Homes Custom Colonial 5 Two Story Description
Here is the real and gallant two story design for a 3600 foot custom colonial house. The great mansion like appearance of the house with exotic colonial style front steps to the porch attracts everyone. One enters the foyer of the house which leads to a spacious dining room at right. The living room at the left of the foyer is really a delightful one with many elegant windows. At the back it opens to a passage from where one gets an access to the common toilet for the first floor. The small but elegant kitchen has a straight entrance from the foyer. It extends to the breakfast nook at right and further to a vast family room which is just like a spacious party hall. The stair case down to the basement starts from the middle of the passage to the kitchen. Three bedrooms are located in the second floor. The stylish mater bed enjoys a lavish and splendid bath room with a big bath tub. It has one large dressing room too. The other two bed rooms share a common bath which can be accessed from the passage to which both the rooms open their doors. The bonus room at the dead right end is fairly a big room with attached toilet and ample storage space. All the rooms in the second floor open to the common passage which makes the floor capable to satisfy any emergency needs of the family members. One finds a lot of gratification while leading a life here.