Amherst Two Story Floorplan by Westchester Modular Homes

Westchester Modular Homes Amherst Two Story Description
This is about Amherst's Two Story design plan of an independent house, covers an area of around 2000 square foot. It comes with three bedrooms and two bathrooms located on second floor while a semi-bathroom is on first floor. Its other features include an optional area for a garage to store many items and to park vehicles safely. Its entrance starts with a small area, which can be considered as a foyer room along with a staircase to second floor to make guests feel comfortable, while entering more formally set living room. One can also make direct entry to kitchen through foyer area from door entrance for those preoccupied with kitchen activities. In fact, first floor is designed to entertain and keep guests with special rooms for both breakfast and dining. Besides, a small pantry room has been attached behind stair case area to have snack time with less formal guests. Guests are expected to use half bathroom to refresh themselves right after arrival from garage area too. On other hand, second floor consists of similar square foot, just like first floor at around 1000 square foot. It covers area like Master Bedroom, which comes with master bathroom and a walk-in closet for assured privacy among spouses. Besides, there are two other bedrooms, comes with a fully equipped common bathroom to be used by other family members. One added feature to this plan is stair leading upstairs leads to a panoramic view of area below, to have a look about just arrived guests. This house plan also takes into account good all round ventilation along with entry of natural light throughout house, due to exclusive use of double pane windows on both floors to further improve its majestic outlook, if viewed from outside.