Madison Ranch Floorplan by Wardcraft Homes

Wardcraft Homes Madison Ranch Description
This is a 1,568 square foot ranch style home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. At the front of the house is a porch. This porch is placed at the exact center of the face of this home. The porch leads into the main living area of the home. The generously large living room is towards the center of the home, making it a central pathway to other locations of the structure. Near the back of the living room is the kitchen and dining area. The kitchen is well integrated into the space, with an island design, separating it from the rest of the room. Directly adjacent to the kitchen, but still against the back of the house, is the dining area. This dining area is neatly tucked away in a convenient corner of the room. Behind the dining area are sliding doors which lead to the patio and backyard. Along the right side of the living room and next to the kitchen is a full bathroom. Next and adjacent to the bathroom are two of the three bedrooms of the house. Each of these bedrooms features walk-in closets and large windows. Next to the two bedrooms is the utility closet, which contains the washing and drying machines. This room contains a door which leads to the two door garage. Back across to the other side of the living area is the last bedroom - the master bedrooms. This room also features a walk-in closet. Attached to this bedroom is a large, full bathroom, with both a shower stall and a bath tub. This house makes full use of space, by conveniently organizing the various rooms, making them easily accessible and rather appealing.