Jamestown III Ranch Floorplan by Wardcraft Homes

Wardcraft Homes Jamestown III Ranch Description
The Jamestown III Ranch-Style Modular home design by Wardcraft is, upon careful inspection, extremely comfortable and roomy! This 3-Bed, 2-Bath model allows for more-than-adequate usage of space for multiple purposes. One would especially appreciate the flexibility of the space given, when looking at the floor plan. As one can see, the living room AND the dining room flow easily from one to the other, with the kitchen area also present. The lack of too much walling in this area is crucial in giving the home a more open and accessible feeling, which is what most homes seem to lack in today's housing scene. That being said, the ENTIRE house isn't completely open. The areas that require walling and door access are extremely appropriate, namely the two smaller bedroom areas (conveniently joined together by a bathroom) and the master bedroom (which has its own bathroom and a walk-in closet). The selling point of this model lies solely in its simplicity; there is no need to have to open a door or turn a corner wherever you go- walls and doors in this house serve a purpose, which is to grant privacy where it is truly needed. Also included in the floor plan is a garage attached to the house, which measures roughly 24'x24', which should be more than enough to accommodate at least 2 cars, plus extra room for miscellaneous storage. Given the allotment of space and rooming, this model is definitely an ideal choice for the average American family of 4.