Grandview Ranch Floorplan by Wardcraft Homes

Wardcraft Homes Grandview Ranch Description
This 1814 square feet ranch designed, 2 bedroom, 1 office, 3 bath elegant home floor plan combines elements of true craftsman style. The extra wide porch at the entrance of the home provides a grand look and spacious feel to it. The entry to the home straight away leads one to the wide living room which is adorned by a colonial style fireplace to the back wall. The spacious master bedroom as well as the second bedroom, each with their own private bath and walk in closet, opens onto a common walk in space. The third bath, which is rather a small but graceful one with a wet area, allows entry for all. The office room close to the front door is a special and private place to deal with the semi strangers. Towards the left of the main entry one finds the key part of the home- the dinning room, which opens to the entrance of the kitchen as well as to a common area which can be treated as a breakfast nook. The efficient and well set kitchen accommodates provisions for almost all the amenities needed for a luxury family life. One can place more than one stove tops and cooking ranges among the numerous cupboards brilliantly set around it. A common utility area is designed adjacent to the kitchen and right to the living room. Towards the right back corner in the living room there is a cute passage to the cellar which has special door to keep the privacy. The door near to the fireplace, opens to the back of the house and ensures that the warm evenings are celebrated well. It is a well ventilated house with lots of wide windows too. The home is very much designed to suit one's vacation needs.