Fairview Ranch Floorplan by Wardcraft Homes

Wardcraft Homes Fairview Ranch Description
This is a four bedroom, 3 bathrooms, 2,668 square foot House. Very simple plan yet very strong. All of the bedrooms are facing either North or South which is a very good orientation for bedrooms as soft natural light comes from North and South breeze is good for health. The center part of the house which consists the living and dining is huge and appropriate for big party events; also the space is free from vertical obstructions (free plan) that's why can be turned into almost anything according to the specific choice. All the bedrooms have huge closets. The right side bedrooms are designed as such they can be completely separated from the other side of the house. It can be an advantage in terms of privacy and selling the house if needed in the future by the owner. There is a separate door to the kitchen which is another plus point. This can be used as a service entry so that no one will be disturbed by the circulation when an event is going on in the living space. Each bedroom either has a bathroom attached to it or has an easy access to it, which is another plus point.