Concorde I Ranch Floorplan by Wardcraft Homes

Wardcraft Homes Concorde I Ranch Description
The floor plan is made for a small family. The plan consists of three bedrooms with two bathrooms. Out of the three bedrooms one is the master bedroom which is very big in size with attached bathroom toilet. The other two bedrooms are kept nearby separated by laundry. There is a door present in the laundry room to go to the garage. The living room is too big since the kitchen and dining are not separated by each other. When only the house maker is alone in house and if she is working in the kitchen she need not worry about the unauthorized entry of a person, since the entire house can be keenly watched from the kitchen. There is a common bathroom for the small bedrooms. The bathroom is easily accessed by the persons in the two small bedrooms. The porch is big so that many plants can be kept. The laundry is between the two small bedrooms and can be accessed easily by the persons in those bedrooms. One of the bathrooms is in the living room and it will be easy for the guests to use that bathroom. The living room is big and will be comfortable when many guests arrive. The sofa's can be placed well in the living room. The television can be placed in such a way that it can be easily seen by the persons in the kitchen, living room and dining. The plan is a nice fit for small family.