Cambridge Ranch Floorplan by Wardcraft Homes

Wardcraft Homes Cambridge Ranch Description
This Cambridge ranch designed 1,716 feet floor plan features 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The front door opens from an elevated porch to the dining area of the home which overlooks the exquisite kitchen. Further the dinning extends to a common area like a hall which is featured as the Great Room of the plan, offers a large gathering span. The elegant master bedroom has a special entry to the stylish bathroom which accommodates almost all the necessary amenities like bath tub, commode, wash basin etc. The bedrooms open to a common passage and permits easy entrance to the bathroom. They have stylish and integrated wardrobes which can satisfy most of the storage needs of the family. There is a cute provision for hand wash adjacent to the bathroom and the kitchen. The classic open kitchen, adorned with cupboards and shelves, gives enough room for stove tops and cooking range. The dining and kitchen have an integrated feel which can easily ensure the homely atmosphere among the family members. The down stairs to the cellar starts from left corner of the great room which has a door and can be kept closed to satisfy the privacy of the home. The rooms are designed in a way that guarantees perfect ventilation inside the home. The bedroom doors over look the wide and two paned windows which make the air feely flow in. This simple but stylish plan is capable to meet majority needs of a medium family.