Summit Two Story Floorplan by Simplex Modular Homes

Simplex Modular Homes Summit Two Story Description
This beautiful two storied home plan proves a smart craftsmanship. The main door leads you to a foyer from where you can find access to the living room. The living room is spacious and has two set of windows both on the wall facing the front side of the house. By the side of the foyer is the stair case leading to the first floor. On the left side of the main entrance you can see an opening which lets you to the dining room. This room has windows facing the front of the house and it is protruding out a bit. From the dining hall you can access the kitchen. The kitchen is quite spacious facilitated with kitchen cabinets and has a raised snacks bar on the side. Behind it is a breakfast nook where you can be seated for a casual dining enjoying the fine breeze entering from the windows on all the three sides. This area lets you access to a family room on its side. You can enter the family room from the living room also. There is a common bathroom by the side of the family room. On the first floor you have three bedrooms, two of which are spaced on the area above the dining hall and the kitchen. These two bedrooms have a common bathroom. The staircase leads to a common space from where you can access the entire three bedrooms. The bedroom towards the front has a window facing the front and the other room has a window facing the backside of the house. The master bedroom is very convenient with attached bathroom and has two windows on the front side. All the bedrooms have shelves inside. There is an area which is open to below on the backside. This house with sloping roof is very beautiful and suited for a middle class family