Rochester Ranch Floorplan by Simplex Modular Homes

Simplex Modular Homes Rochester Ranch Description
It can be assured that this is a beautiful single storied home plan. It has got a very spacious living room. The windows let in enough light to the living room. The entrance to the living room is on the right side of the windows. By the side of the living room there is a small storage closet. You can enter the dining hall from the living room. Next to it is the kitchen. There is a raised snack bar where you can have a leisure time snacks. The construction of the kitchen and the dining hall is very comfortable that you can have two way accesses to dining and the kitchen. There is a work area behind the kitchen and a latrine where you can enter from the work area. It is convenient that you have a door leading to the backyard from the work area. There are four bedrooms. All the bedrooms are placed near to each so that it will be liked by parents of adolescent children, as they can give attention to their children. On the other hand the children may get a security feeling as the parents' room is close to theirs .There are two bathrooms, each of which are common to two bedrooms close by. In this plan, a wise use of area has been made and is comfortable for a small family to live in.