Mansfield Ranch Floorplan by Simplex Modular Homes

Simplex Modular Homes Mansfield Ranch Description
This is a single story floor plan with a total of 1456 square foot area. It is a 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms in it. The master bedroom is quite large and accommodates a big bed has an attached bathroom and a changing room. The bathroom is quite spacious to accommodate bathtub in it. The other 2 bedrooms are also big enough and have changing rooms. One bathroom is present next to the kitchen which is very big enough to accommodate all the amenities of a bathroom. This bathroom can also be used by visitors which can be accessed from the living room also. The living room is very big with a space of 22'x12'3" square foot area and can accommodate all luxury amenities in it. This floor plan also has a separate dining area next to the living room. Even the kitchen area is very big to accommodate everything within it. This floor plan is very compact and doesn't waste any floor space. All the rooms are conveniently spaced and are easily accessible. Since the floor plan provides spacious rooms, it allows natural light to come in and will provide good ventilation. This floor plan is well organized and it will be one of the good plan to choose for your house.