Lakeview A Two Story Floorplan by Simplex Modular Homes

Simplex Modular Homes Lakeview A Two Story Description
As a two-story home, this three-bedroom, two-bath floor plan features a few things which are sure to make just about anyone excited to live here! For starters, this particular floor plan boasts a very welcoming front porch with great, vaulted windows. It is easy to see that the windows lend to the pleasant and appealing design of the home overall and gives it a distinctive look outside, while remaining quite functional within the home as well, allowing just enough light to brighten the living areas throughout the day. Inside, each bedroom is skillfully crafted to maximize space in both the room and closet, leaving little to be desired by its inhabitants. In fact, the interior of this home effectively harnesses advantages of both an open and a split-level floor plan combined. This dual functionality is seen clearly from the living and dining rooms looking up to the exposed second level- one element, which creates the unique quality of both openness and coziness at the same time! Another advantage to this floor plan is having the privacy of the master bedroom separate from the other rooms- whether it is from the kids or the guests, a little privacy goes a long way! Adding to the coziness and comfort of this home, the owners will enjoy a beautiful fireplace, which will emanate a sense of calm, comfort, and warmth throughout the home. Furthermore, the door leading outside through the kitchen is an enviable addition to any home; this will make unloading groceries less of a hassle, thus making the day go by a little easier at each turn. Clearly, this is the design that makes functional comfortable!