Greenfield Two Story Floorplan by Simplex Modular Homes

Simplex Modular Homes Greenfield Two Story Description
This is really a unique home plan with all the facilities. The main door takes you to a foyer by the side of which is the stair case leading to the first floor. From the foyer area you can enter the great room which is very comfortable with bright light entering through three windows placed separately on the same side. A fireplace is also arranged in this room. On the right side of the foyer is the dining room which is almost a square. Behind the dining room ids the kitchen in which you can enter from the great room and the dining room. The kitchen is facilitated with kitchen cabinets and there is a breakfast nook behind the kitchen. Towards the left of the great room there is a storage area and also a common bathroom. There is big garage on the side of the main entrance. You can enter the garage from the storage room also. There are three bedrooms on the first floor of which two are placed above the garage and the storage. These two rooms have a dry wall window seats on the sides. There is a common bathroom. A comfortable study room with book shelves is positioned in the area above the foyer. The master bedroom is on the right side with attached bathroom and a storage space equipped with shelves. In this home plan you get the advantage of all the bedrooms being in the same floor. This allows all the family members to be in the same floor during the nights. The parents can pay proper attention to their children while they are in the study room.