Breakwater Two Story Floorplan by Simplex Modular Homes

Simplex Modular Homes Breakwater Two Story Description
This home plan which covers an area of 1894 square feet is one suited to be built even in a plot which is not a perfect square .A plot which is lengthier than wider can also allow this type of a plan to be worked out. There is a living room cum dining room which is spacious with more length and has four windows two on each side. A fire place is arranged in the space between two windows. Once you get in through the main door you can turn left and enter the living room. On the right side of the main door there is the stair case leading you to the first floor. Behind the dining hall is positioned the kitchen. Though it is small it is equipped with kitchen cabinets and is made convenient. The single bedroom in this floor is placed behind the kitchen. It has got an attached bathroom. The bedroom has got good ventilation with windows on three sides and has a dressing area. There is a common bathroom by the side of the attached one .On the first floor there are two bedrooms and there is a bathroom to which you have access from both the bedrooms. Once you climb up the stair case you can reach a common area from where you can enter into any of the bedrooms. There are deck areas near to both the bedrooms and there is an optional fire place in the deck area behind the second bedroom. This is a simple home plan which is affordable for the common man