Birchwood Ranch Floorplan by Simplex Modular Homes

Simplex Modular Homes Birchwood Ranch Description
This is modular house plan of total 1485 square foot area. It is a 3 bedroom floor plan with 2 bathrooms. All the bedrooms are accessed from the living room itself. This is one of the biggest advantages of this house plan as all he bedrooms are easily accessed from the living room. The living room is quite large and possesses a space of 15'9"x13'3" and is designed to accommodate luxurious seating arrangement. The dining hall and the living room are in the same area but without any walls. The kitchen has a pantry for convenient storage. The kitchen is quite large and can accommodate all the things that are present in the kitchen conveniently. The staircase for the first floor is present in the living room nest to the dining area. The master bedroom is very big and can accommodate a big king size bed. It has an attached bathroom with all the facilities in it. A dressing room is also available inside the master bedroom. The other two bedrooms have a common toilet that can be accessed from the hall. This toilet can be used by the visitors also. The main advantage of this floor plan is that all the bedrooms can be accessed from the living room. The house is compact that avoid large walking spaces inside the house. The pantry inside the kitchen helps to store things in a convenient way.