York III Ranch Floorplan by Professional Building Systems

Professional Building Systems York III Ranch Description
A successful floor plan can be the heart of any home. A homey plan includes open access to comfort zones including dining and family rooms. Combining dining areas with general living zones allow for open communication within the home. High ceilings add to the feeling of openness and comfort. Entries into each living area of an open design have large open passageways and no doors. The hallways of an open-air design are generally wide and also have high ceilings. Occasionally, two-way fireplaces that can be enjoyed in two rooms add to the warmth of the setting. Large double oversized sliding glass doors off of a family room space add to the spacious feeling of an open design. Archways can be used as transitional openings into living areas, dining areas and kitchens, thus lending to an open almost circular setting. If one connects formal dining, formal sitting rooms, with the kitchen and family sitting room then a circular unending flow allows for an overall casual feeling despite the formal traditional rooms. Open circular flow only really works in the common living space and not bedrooms. Bedroom plans that have bathrooms placed between the bedrooms allows for the occupant to have a perception of privacy.