York II Ranch Floorplan by Professional Building Systems

Professional Building Systems York II Ranch Description
The York II Ranch style home is a small home, with a large appearance. The door leading into the house goes to the main living area. The main living area is adequately sized, with a small storage closet along a corner of the wall. The main living room also displays a nice window, leading to the front of the house. As you walk through the living room, towards the back, there is the kitchen and dining area. The kitchen is quite large and has a storage pantry nearby. Adjacent to the kitchen is the dining area. This dining area is large enough to fit a nice dining table. The kitchen and dining area together have two windows, allowing in a lot of light. The other half of the house contains the bedrooms and bathrooms. The first of the three bedrooms features its own nice sized closet. Directly across from the first bedroom is a full bathroom. There is a second bedroom that is along the same wall as the first, and boasts two closets. Both bedrooms feature one window each. Across from the second bedroom is the master bedroom. This bedroom has its own bathroom and closet, and a very large window. The master bathroom also features a small window. This house has a total of three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, five closets, and two linen closets. Overall, this design just about splits the house down the middle and separates the bedrooms from the kitchen and living area, allowing for quiet and privacy when in the bedrooms. This design also allows for a lot of light to enter and illuminate the entire living space.