Bedford II Ranch Floorplan by Professional Building Systems

Professional Building Systems Bedford II Ranch Description
Many conveniences await the new owner of a Bedford II Ranch modular home! This comfortable 1,540 square foot floor plan envisions modern living with many traditional design features. The front door opens on a foyer; a closet build into the left wall offers a handy place for family members and guests to hang their coats or rain gear. Proceeding straight ahead, one enters a graciously apportioned living room, an elegant space for entertaining. Immediately to the left of this living area, a formal dining room awaits; it offers ready access to the kitchen, an attractive feature for hosts who want to serve meals in a private setting but still maintain close proximity to food preparation and storage areas. The kitchen boasts generous counters, shelves, appliance connections and a breakfast nook adjoining the main foyer. A person standing at the sink can look through a window and see the front yard; this traditional design feature will certainly appeal to anyone waiting for family members returning from school or work. A utility room leads from the kitchen to a back door located at the side of the house. A washer and dryer would fit comfortably into this room, which also offers a designated closet/storage area. It would be possible to add an additional level to the house accessible via a stairway connecting to this room if subsequent additional space is desired at some future point in time, such as a basement or an upper level. Returning to the foyer and turning left, an adjoining hallway leads to four rooms: A full bathroom with tub and three bedrooms all access the hallway separately from this corridor. One of the bedrooms forms a master suite; it has its own separate full bath with tub. The master suite also offers a large two-door wall closet providing generous storage. The remaining two smaller bedrooms each possess individual closet space also. So this floor plan separates sleeping and entertaining areas very effectively at opposite ends of the home. It will maximize the convenience of any homeowner who wants a traditional design with many modern conveniences!