RA337A Greystone Ranch Floorplan by Mannorwood Homes

Mannorwood Homes RA337A Greystone Ranch Description
The space provided for each of the rooms is optimum, without any wastage. The total area covered by the floor is only 1394 sq.ft. but the design has a very good drawing room, a separate dining space, a good kitchen space, a very spacious toilet with another optimum sized toilet and above all three bedrooms. The master bedroom is a real spacious one, this can be furnished beautifully. The total building has been provided with great facade treatment. The bedrooms have been provided with handy closet rooms. The second bathroom is beautifully placed. This bathroom can be used by a guest coming to your home, without getting into your private bedroom. At the same time, this bathroom is well placed near the bedrooms. Over all, the design is such that the construction process can be done economically. This plan reduces the cost, especially in the foundation and basement works. Rectangular shape also gives better utilizable space for rooms. The detailing of the toilets is also perfect. The wet areas have been kept towards the end of the room, while the dry area is kept near the entry. On a whole, the designer has given great practical know how to the planning part. It is indeed a workable design.