T368743-1 Two Story Floorplan by Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes T368743-1 Two Story Description
This is a great and modern floor plan for the average American family. The benefit of this floorplan in particular is that it's wide open, but not cavernous. Virtually all of the rooms are accessible via an arterial hallway. The main rooms (living room, kitchen) are very large and spacious. The bedrooms, located on the main level and upper level, are private and cozy. Nothing about the location of the bathrooms or main hallways and routes through the house is clumsy or awkward. Another great feature of his house is the fact that when the front door is opened to visitors or guests, not much of the home is revealed. You are able to bring a guest or visitor into your home and show them around if you would like, but the average visitor like a mailman or Girl Scout Cookie salesman won't have a revealing and personal glimpse into your home and its layout unless you want them to. This would be a great home for a family with children. The floorplan is large enough to accommodate several different activities going on at once, while still affording the family lots of privay and an abundance of free space.