T253043-2 Two Story Floorplan by Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes T253043-2 Two Story Description
This is a home floor plan which is very attractive with 4 spacious bedrooms. It occupies an area of 2530 square feet. The window on either side of the great room lets bright light into it. You can find the foyer in the great room itself but it is partially covered by a wall on one side. There is a small breakfast nook just near the kitchen which you can access into from the great room .The nook is spacious enough to fit a table and chairs for casual dining. The kitchen is really updated where countertops and cabinetry can be included. There is a study room close to the kitchen that allows you to give attention to your children without any hindrance to your cooking. On the opposite side of the kitchen is a dining room that is ready for tasty meals. The guests can have direct access from the great room to the dining. The single bathroom in the ground floor has its entrance from the dining room. There are four bedrooms in the first floor. The master bedroom is above the great room and it has a dressing area, beside it being the bathroom. There is another bathroom in this floor to which you have access from all the other bathrooms. Except the fourth bathroom the others have two windows each that let in fresh air and daylight. The foyer leads you to an area where you can see the door of three family bedrooms. The home floor plan is very attractive and we can see that the available area is used in the best possible manner.