T245433-1 Two Story Floorplan by Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes T245433-1 Two Story Description
This is to introduce Hallmark Homes T245433-1 two-story house plan, which covers an area of around 2500 square foot and consist of areas like three bedrooms and three bathrooms. On first floor is located main entrance to house between dining room and living room. Another entrance is provided on left side, allowing direct access to both kitchen and bathroom area. After entering main entrance, comes open-ended foyer room with enclosed closets located both behind stairs and on opposite side. Stairs to second floor is located on left side conveniently covering dining room. On left side of foyer comes a fully enclosed living room with extra window area making it more spacious. One can also enter kitchen area directly, from foyer room, then to family room located adjacent to it on right side. From dining room, one can access kitchen area along with bathroom for wash and dry with closet located opposite to bathroom. A fully equipped L-shaped kitchen ensure enough space for family dining, along with extra space to accommodate kitchen window, making it ideal for large gathering. Stairs to second floor leads to an open area to see foyer room below on right side. Further proceeding would lead directly to bedroom #1, which comes with enclosed two walk-in closets along with fully equipped attached bathroom. At second floor, proceed towards left side come area for computer room to enable its use both officially and domestically, while at home. On other hand, making U-turn from stairs comes bedroom #2 on extreme left and bedroom #3 on extreme right side with a fully equipped common bathroom. In short, based on plan, this house comes with several number of windows to ensure enough natural lighting and ventilation making it an ideal place for family to stay under all weather conditions.