T217842-1 Two Story Floorplan by Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes T217842-1 Two Story Description
This is a Modular house of total 2178 sq.ft. area. This is a two story building with 4 bedrooms in total where 3 bedrooms in the first floor and one bedroom in the ground floor. The master bedroom that is available in this ground floor has an attached bathroom which is quite big to accommodate a bath tub in it. Ground floor has the living space of 13'x14'6" sqft with enough space for a luxury seating arrangement. Kitchen with modular facility is also present in ground floor of which is quite enough to accommodate everything in the kitchen. The ground floor is designed to have only a big living room, kitchen and a bedroom. So the size of every room is big enough to allow proper ventilation and sunlight. Staircase to the first floor is built in such a way that it allows people from any room i.e. living room, bedroom, and kitchen to enter directly. The other 3 bedrooms are available in the first floor which can be accessed for anyone from within the house. The size of bedroom #1 is 12'11"x15'4, size of bedroom #2 is 13'x14'6" and Bedroom#3 is 12'11'X11'1" which has an attached bathroom with all amenities in it. Also all bedrooms have attached dressing rooms. A utility area is also available in the first floor which gives you convenience to work. The main attraction of this house is the design part where all rooms are given equal importance in the design process and they are well spaced and properly ventilated. Selecting this home plan gives you a well ventilated house.