T169933-1 Two Story Floorplan by Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes T169933-1 Two Story Description
This is a pleasing two-story floor plan that boasts spacious bedrooms and a large open living area. Upstairs, the master bedroom offers a generous walk-in closet as well as a large master bathroom with a hot-tub style bathtub. A second bedroom also has a private bath. The distance between bedrooms is especially appealing for privacy and quiet in the upstairs quarters. Downstairs, the kitchen offers wraparound cabinets and a well-placed island that adds to counter-space without obstructing the view or walkway into the dining area. This is useful for entertaining. Whether hosting a party or serving your family everyday meals, this kitchen plan provides an ample work area close enough to the dining room that you can keep an eye on guests and conversation while preparing a meal or tidying up. The broad and open floor plan leads directly from kitchen to dining room, into the living room across the thirty-six foot length of the home. This spacious open floor plan is akin to the popular modern designs favored by builders and buyers of the past several decades. There are large and plentiful windows throughout the two stories, which adds the potential for bright and sunny rooms in a properly landscaped property. As an added luxury, both floors offer an extended, full-length covered balcony that can be enjoyed in rain or shine. The downstairs balcony is accessed via an outdoor staircase which lends a regal charm to the exterior while offering the convenience of easy access between the front yard and elevated first floor.