T132032-1 Two Story Floorplan by Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes T132032-1 Two Story Description
T132032-1 is a smart two story plan that covers 24''*23''6' feet. The ground floor has a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a bath, a refer area and a range area. The first floor has a hall, 3 bedrooms, linen and a bath. This is ideal for people who love simplicity blended with luxury. The rectangular living room measures 19''2'*12''8'. Stairs is positioned in linear to the house entrance. Living room lies right to the stairs. The dining room and kitchen were 8'4"*12'8" and 17'8"*9'2" in area respectively and positioned adjacent to each other. A range and a refer area shares it bound with the kitchen along with a 1/2 bath. The top floor is neatly decked with two bedrooms to the right of the stairs measuring 8'6"*10'10" and 10'3"*12'8" and another bedroom facing the larger of the former two with a dimension of 11'11"*12'8". This design mainly focuses on optimal use of space. It is obvious that the measurements of major sections of the house look more or less identical. This brings a cozy feel. Linen and a bath are also a part of the top floor. The hall is in the median to the bedrooms and the linen. A compact and a sleek design for maximum comfort!