R158422-1 Ranch Floorplan by Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes R158422-1 Ranch Description
It is a single story ranch design house plan R158422-1, covers an area of around 1600 square foot. This plan consists of area like two bedrooms and two bathrooms. One of its peculiar features is that anyone can enter house straight to open-ended living room, though it comes with dual entrance like one closer to enclosed closet area on right-hand corner for guest use and another one for family use. Besides, further down partially partitioned enclosed closet room on right side is the den room, partially open-ended with informal settings for both family members and guests to get together or entertainment. While proceeding further, one can reach bedroom #2, come with a full-size enclosed closet room. On its opposite side is located bedroom #1, come with a fully equipped bathroom along with an enclosed closet. On other hand, second bathroom is accessible from bedroom #2 and other common areas of house. Its peculiar feature is that living room has been fully extended across left-side of house to accommodate a fully equipped L-shaped kitchen and a dining room making it totally partition free, along with ingeniously provided space between dining and living room, with a projected washbasin area to assure minimal privacy. Another added feature is easy access to backyard from kitchen. In short, this house plan comes with both double and single windowpanes, to ensure proper cross ventilation and natural light, to assure comfort to family members and guests through all seasons.